Monday, June 12, 2006

For The Dogs

Since bringing Domino into our family, we have made freinds with so many dog-owners in our complex. This has been wonderful as we don't leave our house without bumping into someone we know! But, the best part has been that Domino has a little play group that she gets to play fetch, tug of war, wrestle and slobber all over with! This tight group of doggie freinds play together almost every day down on the field at the school near by. On any given day, there might be 6 or 7 dogs! Who needs a Bark Park when we've got our very own! Some of Domino's freinds are: Hannah, she's a 4mth Viszla, Cali is a 2yr old Golden Retreiver, Bear is a 6mth German Shepard Mix, Stella is a Boxer/ Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Texas the French Mastiff ( think Turner & Hooch) and Lola the white Boxer. One of Domino's closest freinds is Lola. She's a month older than Domino and has paved the way for us as new dog parents. Sure enough, when Lola lost her first tooth, we knew Domino was not far behind! They love to play tug of war on the field with their favorite toy. A ball with rope on either end. They forget about the "tug of war" aspect and run along side eachother in large circles, around the entire field holding on to either side of the rope. They look like a couple of horses in a chariot race. Lola's parents, Steve and I just sit on the sidelines cheering them on! They run about 3 or 4 laps and it's the cutest thing ever! When we take Domino for a walk, we pass Lola's home and Domino makes a bee-line for her door! The same when Lola walks by us...we hear all this whinning and lip-licking and see her cute white face peering over our wall! They just love eachother and I think they will be freinds for a long time!


Blogger Cate said...

SO sweet! i'm glad you're enjoying doggie parenthood. they really are a blessed part of the family

6:13 PM  

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