Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm Sailing, I Sail! Thats great Bob, keep sailing!

We took Domino on the sail boat for the first time last week! She was quite a natural on the boat, except when she wanted to chase the seagulls! Thankfully she was tied to the main mast so she couldn't fall off while lunging for the birds! We had a doggie life jacket though, just in case! Our plan if she were to fall off was that STEVE gets to dive in after her!! She got so much attention and so many people commented on how cute she was!! Someone even yelled "Your boat should be red!" I'm all about matching accesories, but come on -thats a bit much!
Anyway, later that week we threw her in the water to make sure she could swim! She can! Very well, actually, especially towards the dock where her mommy was standing with a giant beach towel! I think the more familiar she becomes with sailing and swimming, the more she'll enjoy it! In the mean time, it's fun to watch her try and figure it out!


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