Monday, June 26, 2006

Red Tape, Green Light

Posted by Picasa My sister Ruth and her husband Kevin met with the USA consulate this morning to interview regarding their work visa. Before they arrived, they were told to park about a mile away as they were having riots around the consulate and they might get mobbed in a car! It took about 4 hours total, mainly waiting in the foyer for their number to be called! They had their interview and it went very smoothly, Praise the Lord. It's been a long road for them! The red tape has been so awful and it's a miracle that they are at this point. They had run out of passport paper so couldn't get the girls passports for almost 3 months. Then their birth certificates were wrong and had to be reprinted. Kinda like the time I got my first green card and it said I was MALE and had the wrong country of birth! Oh well, it was all worth it when I scheduled my "Genda Change" with the INS!! When Ruth went last week to the Government Offices to pick up the birth Certificates, the gentleman helping her looked through a 5 inch stack of papers and told her it wasn't in there, although she had been called to say it was. Ruth was NOT prepared to put up with that and asked if she could save him some time and look herself. Sure enough, she found Kaela's certificate not far down! You wonder how many people have been turned away because the "paperwork" wasn't there!Anyway, at this meeting, there were no interrogations like last time. Apparently, the last time they applied for a Visa to come out for our wedding, my sister was asked "Why does Sharon keep changing her major?" hahaha...I think thats amazing that they kept such tight tabs on me and I had no idea!Anyway, Lord willing they will move out here in mid November and I just can't wait to meet them at the airport and welcome them with open arms to their new home.


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