Monday, June 26, 2006

A Wedding? I Love Weddings, Drinks all 'round!

Anyone who can guess what movie the title comes from I'll buy you coffee!!!!
Anyway, this past friday we went to our freinds wedding. The fun part was that I thought it was at 4pm! However, it started at 5pm...much to Steve's delight! I grew up in a minister's home, where leaving early for EVERYTHING was drummed into our heads. If a church service starts at 8am, you better believe we were there at 7am. So, I'm used to leaving early for occasions, especially ones on a Friday afternoon with the potential for crazy traffic. Well, Steve being the local Schumaker, we arrived in record 3:30! We ended up getting some coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tealeaf to kill some time. We even had time to sock shop for Steve. For those of you that don't know him, he only wears Rainbow sandals and this was one of those occasions, where I said NO! He needs to wear REAL shoes. Funny Fact: People at his work teased him that the only reason they were coming ot OUR wedding was to see him in SHOES! We didn't have any matching black socks in the house and he was going to make do wearing some black nylon socks, but, with all this spare time, it worked out quiet well to go shopping! However, the wedding was a blast and it was so much fun seeing old freinds! We got to catch up alot and take tons of photos! During the cermony they had a video montage with beautiful music. David (the groom) had this special part dedicated to his late dad and it was such a beautiful moment. There was probably not a dry eye in the church! It was a great ceremony and we're so thrilled for Karen and David! Congratulations!!
Kim, Farah (bridesmaid), Me and Cate
Karen and Me
Handsome couples # 1: Steve, Me, Cate & Kaisara above!
Handsome couples #2: Kim and Kenny, Me and Steve below!
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Blogger katie holt said...

so easy! pirates of the caribean. i love that movie!

thanks so much for hanging out with cali while i'm gone, i'm sure she'll love you even more for it! it makes it easier for me to go, knowing that she'll be able to see her friends!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Flame Lilly said...

Ha! Thats why we get along so well! You're a movie- quote girl!Yes, it's Pirates! I owe you starbucks when you get home! We're looking forward to hanging with Cali! We'll try and update the blog so you can see how your baby girl is doing! Have a GREAT trip!

8:53 AM  
Blogger GingerStep said...

oh! What beautiful wedding pictures! I love the "handsome couples" pics, really cute.

3:48 PM  

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