Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to the Beginning

After surviving Day One of the 'Couch to 5k', life got busy. Actually, it was all fun stuff!! Wednesday was the Inauguration of the “Night Riders 2006.” We had a BBQ and while the guys supped up their bikes, the girls talked and caught up with life. After seeing the brave boys off, we took Domino for a nice long walk. Even at 9pm, we were sweating bullets, as it was so humid! We got back and enjoyed some dessert from the “Summer of Jen” and talked some more…wondering where in the woods the boys were and if they were coming home any time soon! They ended up getting back at about 11pm, covered in mud, cobwebs, blood and sweat…BUT with the biggest grins on their faces ever. They looked like little five-year-old boys after their first bike ride adventure -unattended. We couldn’t help but just grin with them. They were so darn cute! Even though they came across tarantulas and all sorts of creatures, they had a blast and were already planning the next evening that they were all available. See Steve’s blog for more Mountain Bike details! That was just Wednesday night! Thursday was the BIG day…Steve took me out to dinner at our favorite restaurant - The Pasta Connection. We went there on our first date, after he proposed, when we got back from honeymoon and lots of times in-between! Then Friday night was game night with our Couples Group! Truth be told, I probably could have gone running before that but my wonderful husband had a surprise up his sleeve and I had to pack some clothes and get ready to be whisked away in the morning. So I ended up doing some laundry and packing my bags, racking my brain trying to figure out all his cryptic clues. We got home late again and got up and ready to leave on Saturday morning at 8am. I will post all about the surprise, but the point is we were gone the whole weekend and had no time to complete week one! The only day I had open was Tuesday and that’s when I started the program. So, my point is, Katie and I are beginning the first week AGAIN! We’ll start tonight and do the program 3x this week! We haven’t given up; we’ve just been incredibly busy!


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