Monday, July 17, 2006

Odd Dreams

I often wish I could have a video of the dreams to re-watch them and try and figure out what they mean. I can safely say that I pretty much remember every dream when I wake up. They are always with some people I know , some I don't. Sometimes the person is a light pole, or a bottle of water or something like that! If it's someone from the States, the location is Zimbabwe or SA and vise versa. It's very rarely set in USA with people from here. Always a mix 'n match with surreal things in it. There are a few re-occuring dreams that I have had since I was a child. One of them is that I'm either playing field hockey, or hiking or something that requires me to SEE and the sun is SO bright in my eyes that I can't see for the life of me. It's a blinding light and I can't escape it. The other one is that I have to use the "loo" and it's in the middle of a mall, or in an office between cubicles, or somewhere where the world can watch! Both of these are so annoying and I think I have them when I'm stressed. When I'm totally relaxed I have my absolute favorite dream of ALL time and that is FLYING. I take off of a couch, a rock or a car and hit the skies with not a care in the world. I float over fields and classrooms and traffic and it's the most amazing feeling.
Well, last night I had a WIERD dream! I was playing doubles tennis ( I know where that came from...Steve's folks went to a tennis game and his mom was telling us about the doubles!) was 4 people on each side and it was on a racquet ball court. ( I just played my first 5min of Raquet ball in my life a few weeks ago!!) For the life of me I couldn't find a good place to stand without either getting smacked or hitting someone my self. It was too crowded and I was just in the way. The worst part was that the ball was a ball made of cold spagetti and anytime I tried to hit it, it would fall apart. Only me...everyone else had the right knack. I complained to the coach ( I think he was an old math teacher mixed with the VP of Construction at my office) and he said that I was the only one complaining and I should not care about it. I told him to boil some water to make more spagetti but he told I was a trouble maker and to be quiet!
And THAT's when I woke up! Bummer, cause I'm not a trouble maker and I didn't get to defend myself!!!!!
I'll share my dreams with Steve and he just can't believe how detailed and ODD they are!!! Even more than that, he can't believe that I remember them in such detail!
Welcome to my odd dreams!


Blogger Cate said...

the cold spaghetti ball made me giggle. that's funny. i dream weird stuff too & VERY detailed. I often can remember them but they're so surreal, i can't verbalize them.

i love you idea about recording them & rewatching them. that'd be awesome!

11:11 AM  

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