Thursday, September 07, 2006

Four Years Ago...

...I was having my hair and makeup done, enjoying the last morning of being a McGuinness, and getting ready to meet my prince at the end of the aisle! Yes, thats right...four years ago today Steve and I got married! I don't think the day could have been more amazing! Everything was absolutely perfect! I felt like a princess in my designer ballgown!!! Designed by me and made so perfectly by my mom! I will post a picture some time as it was gorgeous, if I say so myself! But, it wasn't about the dress, or about how stunning everything was, it was about starting the first day of forever with the love of my life! I will never forget when I saw Steve's face as the doors were opened and I started to walk down the aisle. He fought back tears and his chin quivered. It was beautiful! Just moments before, the finishing touches were done and the veil went down. Only problem was I got so claustrophobic I started to pass out! My uncle was summoned as he was the carrier of the smelling salts, and my wonderful dad adminsitered them to me. WOW! With one wiff, I lifted my head, and I was ready to walk down that aisle and meet Mr. Hughes, My Mr. Hughes! The ceremony was great and a testimony to God's love. My dad was a hit at the reception, especially with his joke about Steve and my kids being true "African Americans!" Our first dance was beautiful and I remember only sensing Steve's presence. Everyone else seemed to dissapear. It is so much fun re-living all the moments of that special day! So many people gave so much of them selves and without their time and love, it wouldn't have been the same! Thank you again to those who invested in us!
I love Steve more today than ever and I think the love will just keep getting deeper! He's a beautiful person and I love him so dearly!! Here's to you babe & forever after! Posted by Picasa


Blogger melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! It was a very beautiful wedding, and a wonderful day. Your dress was the most beautiful I've ever seen (no offense to any other brides). Geoff loved that you had tasty fruit cake. :)

May God continue to bless your marriage.

11:15 AM  
Blogger katie holt said...

Happy Anniversary!

8:40 PM  
Blogger TP said...

Congrats! I love to read stuff like this. I've been married just over a year and it was fun reliving the last year. I pray that the love of God will continue to flow in your home. Stay blessed.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Pendullum said...

Happy Anniversary...
You guys are just too cute!!!!

1:47 PM  

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