Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A little "Catch Up"!

I can’t believe the double standard! I find myself getting frustrated when people don’t update their blogs and then realize…wait, it’s been HOW long since I actually wrote something?!! HA! So, now that it’s a quieter day at work, I thought that I would actually write something. Work has gotten so much busier now for me, which is great, the day flies by, but I haven’t had a chance to really update the blog . I am now helping out with the Customer Service and Home Warranty. The person who used to do that had a baby which is so exciting, but the position hasn’t been filled and as it’s slow in the housing industry right now, there really is no need for a full-time person. So the job responsibilities have been handed out to 2 of us, and I do the Cust. Serv part and the other person does the Escrow side of things. It’s been really fantastic to do something new and I’m slowly beginning to feel that I have a handle on the Warranty part of it. We have so many projects and all are at different stages of warranty so I created a color-coded matrix that shows what stage each project is at. That has been very helpful! Enough about work, the most exciting part of our lives right now is that my sister and her husband arrive in 2 weeks! YES! That’s right- 2 weeks! They just spent some time in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls & the Zambezi River as Kevin and the girls had never been. In an email from my sister, it was so sad as her last line was, “This was a great way to say a final good-bye to Africa!” This is the right thing that they are doing because it’s a violent, unstable place to live, but Africa is also in your blood, so it is hard to say good-bye!

This Friday Steve and I are helping my aunt and uncle move the furniture into my sister’s apartment and make it all cozy and homey! I am just so excited to have them here and catch up on 10 years! Please pray for their safety while traveling, it’s a scary world we live in! In other news, Steve went on a men’s retreat a few weekends ago and had a GREAT time, and in 2 weekends time, I’m off to the women’s retreat! I’m really excited, as it will be a great time to meet other women in the church. It’s at Lake Arrowhead (Domino’s birthplace!) and is at the old Hilton hotel that was just recently renovated! It’s probably gorgeous at this time of year!
For those of you wondering how our doggie is doing, she’s doing great- thanks for asking! She is now out of her crate (actually, a huge sectioned off area in the 2nd bedroom) during the day. We’ve come home and for the most part no damage. Just the occasional sock that somehow she found and thought was a stuffed animal! When we come home, per her trainer’s orders, we don’t acknowledge her immediately - this instills in them that WE are the alpha person/dog, not them. This was a lot easier when she was in her crate, but now that she’s out, she’s at the door wagging her little body back and forth, just so excited to see us. Instead of completely ignoring her, we do say hi, but we first scan the area for damage before we give her hugs. So, the other day I came home, did the usual routine, didn’t see any damage except a sock on the ground that I remember leaving there, so I gave her hugs and kisses. While I was walking into the bedroom, she came up behind me, looking all guilty, holding the sock in her mouth!!!!! It was just so funny as she had such a guilty conscience she wanted to show me what she had done!!!! I couldn’t correct her because A) it was my fault she’d torn it up as I was the one that left it there and B) she was just to darn cute to correct, standing there looking up at me with puppy eyes, sock hanging from her mouth!!!!! I think that’s almost all my news, except I’m just waiting for my notice from the INS to tell me when and where to go for my Citizenship Interview/test!!! I’m so excited that it’s at this point! I’m just learning all about the history and government! I HOPE I get “What colors are the flag”! Those kinds of questions would be awesome!! But, I need to learn all 96 questions! Wish me luck!
Enjoy the fall and the cooler weather, the longer shadows, the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, the cinnamon candles, the Thanksgiving décor and the Halloween candy! I have 18 years of not having either of those days to catch up on! So…bring on the turkey and the candy corn!


Blogger melissa said...

Best of luck on the big test. I can't wait until we get to take the test (years from now). We are going to throw a big party when we become citizens.

Glad everyone is doing well, and that your family will be there soon.

4:16 PM  

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