Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Let's Reminisce

Let's remember the days when Domino was a TINY little puppy! When she was just so cute and cuddly you could eat her up! When I could still pick her up and carry her around. With all that cuteness came alot of work. More work than she is today! With all that cuddly, eat you up stuff, came a pesty, curious little thing who couldn't be left alone for a second. The damage afterwards was just not worth it. She was either in our sight and reach, or in her crate. I was ready to find a new home on NUMEROUS occasions. Steve, the non-dog guy who grew up with cats and didn't want to entertain the notion of owning a dog, convinced me in the end, "this will be worth it". "She's a cute little thing, just give her some time. I'm noticing changes already!" Yip...he was a convert! It took us going away to Mammoth for the weekend for me to realize just how much I love this little doggie. On our 6 hour drive, Steve and I kept on saying "I wonder what she's doing now", or " I wonder if she misses us". We then started laughing at all the funny little things she does. Like when she knows she shouldn't have the shoes on the floor and bends down slowly, eyeing her prize, then eyeing us, then eyeing the prize and then realizing, this is far to much fun NOT to chew and then grabs it as fast as she can and runs off with it, tail wagging - almost like she's air-writing "V I C T O R Y" with it! Or the time she hangs over the couch and each time the phone rings and I answer, she tilts her head, frowns and lifts her ears, as if to ask "Who is it?" She has grown up so quickly and has really calmed down, especially for the "High energy" Dalmation breed that she is. She's fun to come home to, fun to walk every night and she has even introduced us to numerous neighbors! There's a whole community of dog owners who are there to support & encourage eachother on this journey. We realized that this has been such a great new dymanic for us and that it has taught us some responsiblity outside of the 2 of us. We have a schedule now and it's affirming to see how easily we've transitioned into a "parental role" if you will! We're planning on having kids SOMEDAY, but in the meantime, we're just enjoying our time together, with the company of a cute, cuddly, growing up fast little doggie called Domino.

Look how tiny she was!

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Cali & Domino

Our friend Katie is leaving today for Indiana to visit her family. While she is gone, we're going to walk Cali (her golden retreiver) in the evening's with Domino! Our evenings are going to look a lot like this! (see pictures!) As Steve mentioned in his blog, the sprinklers come on around the same time we walk our dogs down to the field (check out his photo gallery from last night). It seems no matter where we stand on the field, a spinkler is bound to come on. In this weather it's a welcome treat! We joke that there's a little man sitting in one of the classrooms, watching us out the window with a big switch board just waiting to attack us with his giant sprinklers! Needless to say, this is going to be so much fun for the dogs, having walking buddies! Domino is still young so she will probably want to play while walking which takes SO much longer to reach our destination, however, it will be great exercise for both of them (and us!!!)
PS: Have a GREAT trip Katie!

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Red Tape, Green Light

Posted by Picasa My sister Ruth and her husband Kevin met with the USA consulate this morning to interview regarding their work visa. Before they arrived, they were told to park about a mile away as they were having riots around the consulate and they might get mobbed in a car! It took about 4 hours total, mainly waiting in the foyer for their number to be called! They had their interview and it went very smoothly, Praise the Lord. It's been a long road for them! The red tape has been so awful and it's a miracle that they are at this point. They had run out of passport paper so couldn't get the girls passports for almost 3 months. Then their birth certificates were wrong and had to be reprinted. Kinda like the time I got my first green card and it said I was MALE and had the wrong country of birth! Oh well, it was all worth it when I scheduled my "Genda Change" with the INS!! When Ruth went last week to the Government Offices to pick up the birth Certificates, the gentleman helping her looked through a 5 inch stack of papers and told her it wasn't in there, although she had been called to say it was. Ruth was NOT prepared to put up with that and asked if she could save him some time and look herself. Sure enough, she found Kaela's certificate not far down! You wonder how many people have been turned away because the "paperwork" wasn't there!Anyway, at this meeting, there were no interrogations like last time. Apparently, the last time they applied for a Visa to come out for our wedding, my sister was asked "Why does Sharon keep changing her major?" hahaha...I think thats amazing that they kept such tight tabs on me and I had no idea!Anyway, Lord willing they will move out here in mid November and I just can't wait to meet them at the airport and welcome them with open arms to their new home.

Kim...this one's for YOU!

So, as I mentioned we went to a wedding on Friday, and some of the friends we saw there, were our freinds Kim and Kenny! We hadn't seen them in about 3 years I think! I know they were at our wedding in September 2002 and we went sailing on a yacht for an evening cruise in October together, but I don't think we've seen each other since then! Life happens and when you don't live in the same city or go to the same church, paths just don't cross like they used to! It was SOOOOOOO much fun catching up with them and reminiscing! The funny part was that NONE of my news was new...apparently my blog is part of Kims daily reading! It so fun thinking that people actaully read this!!! I only signed up so I could comment on Cates!!!! Anyway, we got to take a tour of the old church which was so surreal! To think we spent so many hours sitting there during band practice! Ah..all those fun WCC memories! It's so neat looking back and seeing where we've all come from and where we are today. They were dating at the time I met them and they are now celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary this year! They have 2 beautiful little boys who I've still yet to meet!!! They sent us a Christmas card with their picture, but it was returned to sender, apparently when one moves to a new house, it's customary to inform people of the change!!! HAHAHA!! Sorry Kim... If you give me your email I'll send you our address!! When they met me, I was an awkward foreinger who was so unsure of herself! But we had fun times and now have fun memories! That was all part of my growth and my journey, getting me to this place in life. This place that I love!!!!!
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Old WCC Crowd

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A Wedding? I Love Weddings, Drinks all 'round!

Anyone who can guess what movie the title comes from I'll buy you coffee!!!!
Anyway, this past friday we went to our freinds wedding. The fun part was that I thought it was at 4pm! However, it started at 5pm...much to Steve's delight! I grew up in a minister's home, where leaving early for EVERYTHING was drummed into our heads. If a church service starts at 8am, you better believe we were there at 7am. So, I'm used to leaving early for occasions, especially ones on a Friday afternoon with the potential for crazy traffic. Well, Steve being the local Schumaker, we arrived in record time...at 3:30! We ended up getting some coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tealeaf to kill some time. We even had time to sock shop for Steve. For those of you that don't know him, he only wears Rainbow sandals and this was one of those occasions, where I said NO! He needs to wear REAL shoes. Funny Fact: People at his work teased him that the only reason they were coming ot OUR wedding was to see him in SHOES! We didn't have any matching black socks in the house and he was going to make do wearing some black nylon socks, but, with all this spare time, it worked out quiet well to go shopping! However, the wedding was a blast and it was so much fun seeing old freinds! We got to catch up alot and take tons of photos! During the cermony they had a video montage with beautiful music. David (the groom) had this special part dedicated to his late dad and it was such a beautiful moment. There was probably not a dry eye in the church! It was a great ceremony and we're so thrilled for Karen and David! Congratulations!!
Kim, Farah (bridesmaid), Me and Cate
Karen and Me
Handsome couples # 1: Steve, Me, Cate & Kaisara above!
Handsome couples #2: Kim and Kenny, Me and Steve below!
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

On the BIG Screen

So, my husband managed to get this photo of Rach and I on the BIG screen during the Angels game! It was so much fun to see it there! I'm so impressed with his computer skills! I totally dig his skills! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I went to the third baseball game in my life the other night! As a cricket and rugby fan, it's really taken me a LONG time to appreciate any other sport! However, I do have to say that I really got into it all! I was almost hoarse from yelling to the Angels "RUN RUN RUN"!!!!!!! It was a GREAT game and the Angels ended up winning in the 11th or 12th inning! Yes, you read that right! Even I know there are only 9 innings! But they went into overtime and won with such a great BANG!!!! Speaking of bangs, they had the most amazing fireworks show afterwards as it was Memorial Day!!!
So, with that said and done, I actually enjoyed a game of baseball and didn't even embarrass myself, Steve or our friends! I cheered for the right team, didn't get hit by a ball and even jumped up and down when the Angels caught a ball! Not like the last game where I kept getting the teams wrong and would yell with great gusto when the opponents caught a ball!!!

I'm Sailing, I Sail! Thats great Bob, keep sailing!

We took Domino on the sail boat for the first time last week! She was quite a natural on the boat, except when she wanted to chase the seagulls! Thankfully she was tied to the main mast so she couldn't fall off while lunging for the birds! We had a doggie life jacket though, just in case! Our plan if she were to fall off was that STEVE gets to dive in after her!! She got so much attention and so many people commented on how cute she was!! Someone even yelled "Your boat should be red!" I'm all about matching accesories, but come on -thats a bit much!
Anyway, later that week we threw her in the water to make sure she could swim! She can! Very well, actually, especially towards the dock where her mommy was standing with a giant beach towel! I think the more familiar she becomes with sailing and swimming, the more she'll enjoy it! In the mean time, it's fun to watch her try and figure it out!

Monday, June 12, 2006

For The Dogs

Since bringing Domino into our family, we have made freinds with so many dog-owners in our complex. This has been wonderful as we don't leave our house without bumping into someone we know! But, the best part has been that Domino has a little play group that she gets to play fetch, tug of war, wrestle and slobber all over with! This tight group of doggie freinds play together almost every day down on the field at the school near by. On any given day, there might be 6 or 7 dogs! Who needs a Bark Park when we've got our very own! Some of Domino's freinds are: Hannah, she's a 4mth Viszla, Cali is a 2yr old Golden Retreiver, Bear is a 6mth German Shepard Mix, Stella is a Boxer/ Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, Texas the French Mastiff ( think Turner & Hooch) and Lola the white Boxer. One of Domino's closest freinds is Lola. She's a month older than Domino and has paved the way for us as new dog parents. Sure enough, when Lola lost her first tooth, we knew Domino was not far behind! They love to play tug of war on the field with their favorite toy. A ball with rope on either end. They forget about the "tug of war" aspect and run along side eachother in large circles, around the entire field holding on to either side of the rope. They look like a couple of horses in a chariot race. Lola's parents, Steve and I just sit on the sidelines cheering them on! They run about 3 or 4 laps and it's the cutest thing ever! When we take Domino for a walk, we pass Lola's home and Domino makes a bee-line for her door! The same when Lola walks by us...we hear all this whinning and lip-licking and see her cute white face peering over our wall! They just love eachother and I think they will be freinds for a long time!