Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A New Season, A New Look!

After having the same hair color for almost 4 years (lots of blond) I decided it would be fun to go darker for the Fall! I realize the length and style have changed over that time, but I'm talking color! It's strange being so close to my natural hair color again! It's been a while! I took this picture at my office because I'm a dork basically, and wanted to share my new look with my family and friends while it still had the "new look" to it! One thing I can say, is that it definitely brings out the color of my eyes more so than the blond! However, I LOVE the blond too and will return to that in the summer! But in the mean's to a New Season & a New Look! Happy Fall Everyone!!!
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blonds with Flame Lilly's

The 3 blonds with flowers in our hair!
(yes...I know i'm not standing right! Thank you for pointing that out!)
Sarah and I
Ryan, Steve, Darin (Groom) Troy
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Flowers, Flame Lilly's & Fountains

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What is a Flame Lilly?

I’m so glad you asked. A Flame Lilly is a beautiful flower that resembles a flame. It also is the Zimbabwe national flower. I was reminded of its beauty on Saturday, while Steve and I were at a wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception hall was just breathtaking. On each placemat was gold napkin with a single Flame Lilly. It was stunning. The Flame Lilly’s were also on the centerpiece arrangements, as well as Protea’s, the South African national flower! What were the odds of that! The Flame Lilly’s were imported at $18.00 a piece! WOW! Anyway, we had a great time and were seated with the only other 2 couples that weren’t VERY close friends or family. By the end of the night we became best buds!! Enjoy some of the pictures from the wedding! The groom who is very creative made a photo booth that was so awesome and so professional looking, I was very impressed. It was quite a hit. All six of us tried to fit in it for a “group” photo. You can see bits and pieces of our faces and it was hilarious!! It was a great night and we enjoyed every moment of it! We wish the happy couple a world of happiness!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Four Years Ago...

...I was having my hair and makeup done, enjoying the last morning of being a McGuinness, and getting ready to meet my prince at the end of the aisle! Yes, thats right...four years ago today Steve and I got married! I don't think the day could have been more amazing! Everything was absolutely perfect! I felt like a princess in my designer ballgown!!! Designed by me and made so perfectly by my mom! I will post a picture some time as it was gorgeous, if I say so myself! But, it wasn't about the dress, or about how stunning everything was, it was about starting the first day of forever with the love of my life! I will never forget when I saw Steve's face as the doors were opened and I started to walk down the aisle. He fought back tears and his chin quivered. It was beautiful! Just moments before, the finishing touches were done and the veil went down. Only problem was I got so claustrophobic I started to pass out! My uncle was summoned as he was the carrier of the smelling salts, and my wonderful dad adminsitered them to me. WOW! With one wiff, I lifted my head, and I was ready to walk down that aisle and meet Mr. Hughes, My Mr. Hughes! The ceremony was great and a testimony to God's love. My dad was a hit at the reception, especially with his joke about Steve and my kids being true "African Americans!" Our first dance was beautiful and I remember only sensing Steve's presence. Everyone else seemed to dissapear. It is so much fun re-living all the moments of that special day! So many people gave so much of them selves and without their time and love, it wouldn't have been the same! Thank you again to those who invested in us!
I love Steve more today than ever and I think the love will just keep getting deeper! He's a beautiful person and I love him so dearly!! Here's to you babe & forever after! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What Goes Around...

I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. It’s a combination of being busy, being sick and being lazy. A few weekends ago I was sick 7 times in one morning! I know…awful! Sadly, I’m one of those people who aren’t a trooper when sick! I want sympathy and I want to be waited on! This comes from being young and being sick. My mom would be so amazing and would sooth my rugged brow, indulge me with my favorite “get better” foods (Strawberry yogurt and Corn Curls! – A Zimbabwean snack!), and take care of me head to toe! The “get better” foods were such a treat and would make me feel better the moment I devoured them! I would have classical music playing on the record player, or my mom would read to me: Pilgrims Progress, or a Robert Louis Stevenson short story. When I was really sick, with a mild case of Malaria and out of school for 6 weeks, I listened to Anne of Green Gables and the Wind in the Willows on tape. We didn’t have a TV so this too was such a treat. I remember having the liberty to imagine what the characters and places all looked like without being shown them on the TV! That’s the best part about reading, or listening to books - I can still remember how the people and places looked! So, as you can see, I got better with a lot of Tender, Loving Care! Well, compare that to Steve, who although received love when sick, was also taught “if it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger!” I agree with that, but when I’m sick…I just want love! If he were sick, he’d run around the block to clear his head, or just take Tylenol and let nature take it’s course! Well, he came home from camp with a very sore throat and a cough! He refused to go to the Doctor during the 1st two weeks of being sick, and being the generous husband that he is, finally shared his germs with me. That was 3 ½ weeks ago and we’re both still sick! I did finally make an appointment for him and for me. His Dr’s office had to get all his info again as he hadn’t stepped foot in there for over 2 ½ yrs! He went to the Dr too late as he already passed it on to me, and I went too early. I was trying to be preventative and have them give me something so I didn’t get the urge to “share” my germs either, but they didn’t give me anything, just told me to drink lots of liquids and take some cough syrup. Well, now I’m still sick and I think it’s in my sinuses. Its funny as it serves me right I guess - I was only just bragging the other day about how I’d been healthy for over a year thanks to the Vitamin C I started taking every morning! Like they say, what goes around comes around. Except in a generous household, it just keeps going around!