Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Romantic Weekend Get-a-way!

Steve and I finally had a chance to go away for the weekend. We went to our favorite bed and breakfast in Cambria. The town where the "pines meet the ocean". It's about 20 minutes from Hearst Castle. We didn't take a tour there this time, as our main objective was to get away, relax and come back rejuventated! Besides Steve having a sinus infection and me fighting a cold, we had the most wonderful time! Domino was doggie-sat by Steve's folks, so we knew she was in good hands and we didn't have to worry about her! We arrived around 5:30pm on Friday and checked in. The policy with the Cambria Pines Lodge is that if a room is avaliable, they will automatically upgrade you! So we had a darling suite, with a kitchenette, a balcony overlooking a pine forest, 2 fireplaces, a living room, a dinning room table and a great bedroom. We went into town for dinner and I had the best brocolli I've ever tasted! Isn't that weird!! Anyway, we came back and ended up going to bed at 9:30pm! We were both so tired! In the morning we enjoyed the complimentary breakfast buffet...consisting of, scrambled eggs, salsa, sausage, pancakes, country potatoes, biscuits and gravy, grapefruit, yoghurt, honey-dew, muffins, danishes, croissants, tea, coffee and orange juice! So delicious! We then walked to the nursery where they also grow all the organic veggies and herbs they use in the restuarant. I was on a mission to find another frog (statue) for my garden. However they were out, so we enjoyed walking around anyway. Watching the resident cats lay out in the sun, and the Koi swimming in the pond. After that we took a scenic drive through the mountains on a road you wouldn't have known existed. We maybe passed 3 cars the whole 40 minutes. A handful of farms were scattered in the hills and it was almost like a scene out of Dr. Quinn. Some of the pictures below are from that drive. There were old barns, which seem to have so much character. You wonder who raised them and what their story was, and how they ended up in the middle of "almost" nowhere! We stopped at Linns', a little farm stall we happened across, which has Ollieberries - a hybrid berry. We bought some jams there for our "dog-sitters", my sister and us! They also have a large store in town, that sells pies and pastries. After our drive we went to the West village and spent most of the morning, early afternoon in the maze of antique shops. They seemed so little from the outside, but inside they were like their own little cities! We had such a great time - it was like time traveling! I did find 2 little frog statues to add to my collection here though! We hurried back to our place to get ready for our Couples Massage - which was the most amazing massage I've had. Not that I've had alot, but they used hot rocks which were unreal! It was so relaxing!! Also hot towels and lavender sprays. We enjoyed a full hour of that and came awy feeling rejuvenated! We then got ready for our dinner at the restuarant as our reservations were for 6:30. It was delicous as per usual. We started our meal off with our traditional Mushroom appertizer. The mushrooms are grown in their little organic garden! We ended the evening playing checkers, which I of course won! And no, Steve's antibiotics are not to blame! I am just that good! haha! On Sunday, we enjoyed the complimentary breakfast again, checked out and went 20 minutes out of the way to go and see the Elephant Seals along the coast! They have quite the little society among themselves. Almost every single female had a pup! It was so cute! There was one pup that was so fat he could hardly move...just waddle in the sand! All I wanted to do was jump the wall and hug him, he was that cute!
Anyway, we had a great time and did come back feeling relaxed. I however gave in to the bug and now I'm sick! was worth every minute!

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