Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Busy little bee...

I know I haven't blogged in forever, I've been busy! But, I did write a blog a while ago, a long one, which complelty disapeared when I treid to post-it. So, now that I have a few minutes I will update you all on my BUSY life!
Husband has surgery - Steve is doing much better now! But let me tell you, the first week was aweful! He could hardly have his foot down long enough to go to the bathroom without it throbbing so badly he wanted to pass out! We have progressed from a cast, crutches & a wheelchair, to a cast and a cane, to a walking boot & a cane, to a walking boot, and soon to no boot and physical therapy. With Steve being immoble, it means that I am walking Dom on a VERY long walk each night- which has been great as I needed the exercise, which brings me to the next thing!
Exercising and Eating right! - Yes, that constitutes as being busy! It's alot of extra work! I have lost 10lbs doing a long hard walk every night with my friend Katie - on horse trails in Nellie Gail! I should clarify, it's 10lbs extra i put on that no-one apparently noticed, cause no-one really noticed when it came off!! haha!
Jury Duty - I was a citizen for ONE week, when I got the summons...
enough said!
Notary Public- Studying and taking a course...the longest day of my life! I told my mom my brain was like this little parking lot where there were NO spaces avaliable! I thought I had failed FOR SURE, but I just got the results - I passed! Which now means more paperwork and more studying.
Customer Service/Home Warranty - Titles been added to my work description.
I-130 - HUH? Yip, thats the paperwork/forms I'm filling out to petition for my folks to come here! Again, alot of paperwork and red tape! But Praise the Lord we're starting the process!
Social Events - Trips to LA, Dinners at Dolce, Shows at the Groundlings, Dinner with Friends, Basketball games 9USC) etc...
Family Dinners - dinner with our families through out the week
Birthdays - Birthday parties for young and old!
Baby Shower - 2 baby showers
Wedding - A collegues wedding, lots of fun, but weddings are all day events (esp. for girls! It takes FOREVER to get ready!)
Sports Events - Becca competed in her first Track Meet...we were there of course to support and cheer her on! She came 2nd in both events!!
Dog-sitting - Dogsitting sweet Cali while Katie visited her family! What can I say, Dom just LOVES to play, play, play....a few sleepless nights!
Baby-sitting - COusins last weekend, babysitting FIVE more this weekend!
Good Friday Service - Attended w/ family, had dessert and coffee and talked I-130 stuff afterwards at my aunt and uncles
Easter - 8am service after wedding on Saturday night... spent the rest of the day with family! It was a wonderful day!
Creative Memories- I'm working on 2 books right now - both gifts for weddings
Oil Painting - Working on a painting for a gift

And thats to name a few...
I will post some pictures shortly covering most of these events!


Blogger melissa said...

Holy Moses you have been busy.

Glad to hear all is well with you guys. We're doing okay here with the new little one. Thank goodness he's such a good baby.

I hope all goes smoothly with your paperwork to get your parents here. I know how much fun that kind of paperwork can be.

4:33 PM  

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