Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Day in the Park

On Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful time in the park with Eric, Deb, Jakob & Duncan, their 109lb black lab! He and Domino finally got to meet and they played so well together! It was such a perfect day, Eric brought his kite and he and Steve had fun flying it, until of course the inevitable got stuck in the pine tree! It was great fun watching as they tried to figure out the best way to set it free. There was a single dad in the park with his son and you could jsut tell that he was DYING to fly the kite...yes, thats right, the DAD was! he was on his cell phone and while talking, was giving Steve and Eric directions. It was hilerious! It wasn't too long before Eric and Steve let him fly it, and you could tell how excited he was! It was very sweet! Did I mention too, that Ruth, Kevin and all 3 girls (Becca, Kaela & Thandi) came too...They stopped by to visit, so we all had a great time! The girls made freinds with these other kids playing, and Jakob shared his puzzle with a little one yr old girl who was there with her family , and the dogs just had a ball..literally! They were very attached to their own ball and wouldn't fetch it unless it was theirs. Note Dom's bright red one in the came home is several pieces!
Anyway, that was our time in and park and it was a lovely day!
Really not much news other than that...except that the fish tank is well underway now, with corals, live rock, a yellow tang, and little blue fish, and these other fish that dig under the sand and keep it clean. Who knows what their names are. Also, tones of anemones..which are my personal favorite! I can't wait till I can play with them!!!! Hopefully Steve will post some pics soon, otherwise I will, so you can check it out!
Steve also had a rough night last night as he had an appt at the Sleep Center so they could monitor his sleeping, as it seems he might have sleep apnea. So we just wait to find out. They apparently put tons of electrodes (?) on and then watch the computer during the whole night. You can only sleep in a certain position AND it was not a waterbed, so poor Steve did not get much sleep, which also kind of defeats the purpose! I think thats all for now, besides GREAT news, that the paperwork is being sent for my folks to come over! Now we just wait and pray and hope it's speedy!!!

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