Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Long Time Coming

Steve and I have been very blessed in our lifetime. From simple gestures to wonderful treats, to big gifts. Example: we were given a helicopter ride over Kaui as a wedding gift! That was HUGE and wonderful! We can't wait to go back! Another example is the reason I'm blogging about. Before we got married, Steve moved into our first apartment and lived there by himself until we said "I Do". When he was there, our/his furniture consisted of his waterbed, (which we still have...LOVE IT) a make shift desk, his old office chair, and lawn chairs for the living room. We were resolved to sitting on lawn chairs for however long it took, as at the end of the day, who cares what you're sitting on, as long as you're together. Well, it turned out we didn't have to wait to long. A freind of his mom's VERY KINDLY gave us her old couches, which were like jewels to us! Eric kindly took care of the apartment while we were on honeymoon and he kindly arranged the furniture and made it look like home, so when we walked in, we couldn't contain our excitment!! Well, that was nearly 5 years ago, and these couches have served us VERY well, but the day has come where we have to part ways. So, here's to the old couches, thanks for working so hard and for all the fun memories shared by all! Now, if you don't mind, we're going to have a big truck come and pick you up so we can enjoy the new ones!! Which, if I say so myself, LOOK AMAZING!!!

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Blogger The Garrods said...

Looks stunning! the start of a safari lodge?

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