Wednesday, May 09, 2007


After church on Sunday, we decided that it was such a beautiful day and we should go sailing! So the whole family went sailing and it was so much fun! It was so stunning and we all had a great time. It was Becca and Kaela's first time really sailing and they were so excited as they had stopped at target and gotten cute little life jackets, that they were proudly parading around the dock. Once everyone was on board we set off, leaving dad on the had to come back around and pick him up! It was quite hilerious as he had to be out to push the boat out the slip, but with so many people it was a little harder and he ended up not being able to jump on!! Once we were situated, Katie, Ruth & I sat on the side with our legs hanging over, catching the cool spray of the water! We were laughing and talking and joking about how we hoped our feet wouldn't get bitten off, dangeling over the boat. When out in the middle of the ocean, i saw a something right next to the boat...and our feet! A FIN!!
I yelled, "FIN,FIN...FIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN". In a matter of seconds all 3 of us had our feet crammed on the boat, in the most uncomfortable positions ever!
I know what a dolphin looks like and they don't swim like that, besides, they love sailing boats and will "sail" next to you, in large groups, flying in and out of the water!
Thankfully Steve, Mr. Aquatic, yelled back "It's ok, it's just a sunfish!" PHEW!!!
Apparently those are rare and an endangered specis, so it was a treat for us to see him. He was not sunning himself though, which is why he had a fin that was circling in the water! Our hearts were pounding for a while, but then the fresh air and spray of the ocean were to much of a temptation to not put our feet back overboard. There were no more sightings on the way back to the dock, except the little seals on the bouy!
It was a wonderful day!

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Blogger The Garrods said...

OK we had a great day with you and look forward to doing a whole lot more sailing with you soon!

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