Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Country in Crisis

It is beyond me how one person can single handedly destroy a country, literally destroy it and push it's people into the hard, dry ground, watching, until they breath their last breath. This is the current status of the country I was born and raised in. The country my dad fought for, my mom worked for (she worked in a government lab), and the country my forefathers traveled too in covered wagons over dangerous terrain in the early 1800's. It is such a beautiful country, with rich natural resources, breathtaking views and the friendliest people. My childhood was simple and lovely. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Except I wish we'd taken more pictures of our homes and gardens and favorite places. The older I get, the harder it is to remember my favorite spot in the garden, or in the house. I guess I never thought we'd leave. But, I couldn't be more thankful that we did. (Side Note: We didn't only leave because we noticed the country was going downhill, we left because my dad was offered a job in a different country.) However, knowing what a rich and great country this was, and now reading the headlines on CNN, it just turns my stomach. The President, who I'll have you know has been in power since I was 2, (I'll be 30 next yr- you do the math!) has ordered a price cut on all staple supplies, causing a panic with mass buying and empty shelves. Not only does the population now have no food to buy, but suppliers can't afford the price cuts, and so literraly, there is no food. The inflation rate has reached a new high of 4500%, but financial experts think it's closer to 9000%. About 80% of the population are unemployed and if you had a job in the city, guess what? Now there is no gas to put in your car, so most businesses are empty. Store owners who refused to cut the prices have been jailed and so many members of the opposition have been beaten and abused. This makes me just so sad, knowing that there are people who have worked their entire lives, to save up for retirement, and have shed blood, sweat and tears and will not only have little to show for it, but will literally have NOTHING. I feel so badly for those who haven't had a chance to leave and now, won't ever be able to, because their millions of Z$ are worth US$100.00 and thats not enough to bribe government officials to let them through the borders. Surrounding countries are already feeling the hurt of thousands of refugees, but if you want to go somewhere legally and make a new life for yourself, your chances are zero to none. I feel so sick in my stomach, that these people, white and black, have worked hard their WHOLE life, have a good work ethic, and can't go to work, not because they are lazy and would rather shoot the breeze, but because they CAN'T go to work. I used to think that it was in shambles, but during the elections, I thought a great new leader would emerge & lead the people to victory, overthrow the evil government, but thats impossible when the elections are rigged, the oppostions beaten even murdered. I thought that was bad, but now, how does a country recover from this? There are hundreds & thousands of famished, dying people, no food, farms have been destroyed, because don't forget the "take-over the farms & kill the farmers", there is no fuel to fuel the fuel tanks. Honestly, where does one go from this? How do people survive? I guess they don't. We'd received emails from freinds over there, and by the grace of God they are alive. Who knows for how long. How dare one man treat millions of people with such evil, so that he can prosper and live in confort! A quote I saw on CNN said "I think the government will finally unleash the impatience and anger of our normally agreeable and peaceful population". And, he deserves every little & large bit of anger and judgement coming his way. My consolation is that he will face final judgement one day& will be accountable for his actions.

The photos are as follows:
1) Nyanga...a place of solitude, we'd vacation there when we weren't at a Game Reserve.
2) The City of Harare...I recognize soem buildings, but who knows how much business is being conducted there.
3) Victoria Falls...should be one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.
4) And...a scene from just another day in Zim.

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Blogger becky c said...

that is absolutely heartbreaking! thanks for educating me in what's happening there - we are way too comfortable here and often forget to look outside ourselves. i'm grateful for all we have, but we would all be much more grateful if we could understand the suffering of others.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Cate said...

that's for keeping us informed. my heart cries for them. my heart breaks that i'm so helpless to help them.

STUPID MUG!!! I hate that man!

2:24 PM  

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