Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Operation Clean-Up - Some Facts

This is the article that goes along with the photos below. I guess it just makes me wonder how someone can get away with this, AND how he's been using this sort of "terror" for so long and that the world turns a blind eye on it. It makes me so sad! I can't seem to find the author of this, so I apologize not mentioning his name.

Operation Murambatsvina: Operation Cleanup:How Robert Mugabe Punished 1.5 million Black people in 1 month
Here is a quick summary of the background of what you are about to see:-
· In June 2005, Robert Mugabe unleashed a rampage of hell against those who voted for the Opposition in March 2003.
· European Union observers stated that the March 2003 election was stolen by Mugabe.
· Knowledgeable insiders have estimated that the MDC won the March 2003 election by a factor of 2:1 against Mugabe.
· The Police, with earthmoving equipment smashed and burned the houses where 1.5 million Black people lived.
· They also smashed businesses (e.g. Grocery stores, hair salons, etc) and even demolished a Muslim Mosque.
· Black people say that Police and earthmoving equipment arrived suddenly and started smashing and burning down houses without warning while all their possessions were inside.
· Two Black children were crushed to death inside their homes before their parents could save them.
· Eddie Cross of the MDC estimates this country-wide campaign will ultimately result in 2 million Blacks losing their homes.
· To date, the estimated number of Black people arrested number a staggering: 46,000 (and rising).
· It is estimated, that in less than a month Mugabe has destroyed 25% of the economy through this action.
· The United States Govt and the European Union have condemned this. The United Nations will investigate it (but will they side with Mugabe?)
· Over 200 Human Rights groups have protested against this action.
· The South African Govt and the African Union (replacement for the OAU) have refused to condemn or criticise any of this.
· Mugabe has publicly praised the Police for what they did. Take a look at the photos below and decide if you agree with this.
· The 26 photos I have assembled below are from many sources, including the BBC. Many of these photos had to be smuggled out of Zimbabwe secretly.
· (This page was compiled on: 26th June 2005. More information may yet come to light later on).
· Mugabe, in his typically deceptive manner, pretends that this is a "Cleanup" operation to "restore law and order." But the opposition MDC and Zimbabweans in general regard this as payback for voting against Mugabe. · Since running the White Commercial Farmers off the Land, Zimbabwe's economy has imploded. Unemployment is now at 70%. Now Mugabe is turning on the Black majority because they refuse to support him.


Blogger amberWIRE said...

Oh yeah, everyone I talked to was from doubt! Grrrrrrr....

3:24 PM  
Anonymous steve at the pub said...

(This page was compiled on: 26th June 2005. More information may yet come to light later on)

Pur-lenty has happened in the two years since. The downward spiral of two years ago has become a sinking whirlpool. *Poor Zim*

6:12 PM  

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