Friday, October 12, 2007

Life of Late

I love the title of Cates latest blog. I have not been feeling very bloggy either. Maybe it’s contagious! I’ve noticed several other blogs I read haven’t been updated in a while either. Anyway, enough with the man survey, I’ll try and update you with life of late!

I was single for a week, which thanks to my mom’s advice, I kept myself VERY busy and didn’t have time to mope around the house. Our good friends Jim and Rachel frequently go on amazing vacations that Jim wins through his work. Did I say frequently? He works really hard and they get to have fun vacations because of it. Well, this summer was no different, and sure enough Jim won a trip. However, the difference this time was that Rachel was starting Law School the very same week as their vacation. So guess who got to enjoy some fun in the sun with Jim? That’s right- Mr. Hughes!!!
And where did these 2 fellows’ spend their week vacationing in the sun? The FOUR SEASONS, MAUI!!!!!!!!!! Nice huh!! Steve and I even convinced Jim to get a pedicure w/ Steve before they left! They were completely spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it! They went on an ATV ride in a thunder storm, catamaran sail, snorkeled, swam with turtles and enjoyed hikes. When they weren’t having full-body massages by the Four Season’s Top masseuse, they were being spritzed with avian lying poolside. Needless to say, that was a once in a lifetime, all-expense paid trip, unless Steve’s company starts giving vacations as rewards!!
Like I said, I was totally busy that week/end. I had dinner plans every night, and then I took Friday off - just because! I had lunch with my girlfriend Deb on Thursday, which all I’ll say is I had an experience with the wheatgrass and will never ever go near the disgusting stuff again. Just writing this is making me sick to my stomach! Friday Rachel and I had a good dinner, and then my friend Farah came and spent the weekend and we had a fantastic fun girly time, movies, pedicures, dinner, more movies, girl chat and so much more! Before I knew it, Steve was home again! It was great to have him back as I really did miss him!

Well, we were busy after that and then I asked for the whole first week of October off, as I had the vacation time. Steve took Monday off which was fun to enjoy that time with him, especially as he ended up having a business convention in Las Vegas the same week. Monday was spent helping him with last minute errands for the business trip. He left early Tuesday morning and Ruth and the girls picked me up early and we spent a fun-fill day at Seaworld! I had never been before and they had been a few times, so they were able to show me around! We had a great time, feeding dolphins, watching the whales and seeing the Pets Rule show! Wednesday I had errands, worked out and went to the dentist! Happy to report still no cavities or fillings! I used to cry on my way home from the dentist when I was little, as there was never ANYTHING wrong with my teeth! I’m older and wiser now and appreciate that’s a good thing!!
Thursday I worked out and spent the afternoon/evening with my friend Katie and we went shopping and watched some really good TV shows! I found a fun pencil skirt from Sarah Jessica Parker’s new line “Bitten” and I have to say that I normally would never wear one, but I liked it! Maybe the working out is helping!!! haha!
Anyway, Friday was super fun as Farah was having a HUGE 30th b-day weekend/party. As Steve was gone, I spent the whole weekend and made it another fun-filled girls weekend. In case you're wondering, Dom gets to be spoiled at her granny & grandpas' while I"m gone! Her aunty CHristine even taught her to roll over! VERY cute! Such an energetic "roll-over"!!
Friday, 4 of us girls went to Beverly Hills for the day! It was so much fun. We ate lunch at The Ivy, and Lyle Lovett walked right by us. I kind of wish it was a bigger celebrity, but oh well. Justin Chambers was eating inside by the time we came back from “window” shopping to pick up our car! I’m pretty sure that Lindsey and I talked with an important director guy, but we’ll never know! It was amazing to see how the other half live. After walking around some fun stores like Kitson, we drove to our nail salon where we all got pedicures. They we grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and headed to Rodeo Drive. We made it in time to Tiffany & Co, but that was it. They apparently close very early! WE then had to drop Katie off and then we headed home! We were up till 2am-ish getting Farah’s condo in order and decorating for the party on Saturday! Needless to say, we were all very tired the next morning! Saturday we did more decorating, and some of the girls had their hair and makeup done. I don’t think I mentioned that it was an 80’s themed birthday party! I just went with the side pony and lots of blue eye shadow!! Anyway, I’m hoping to get some pictures of that evening! Kim, Farah, anyone??
Anyway, we went to the Holiday Skating Rink, Roller-skating, not ice-skating! That was fun and then we went back to Farah’s for the rest of the party! It was a blast!
Sunday we were at WCC as Frank was being commissioned as the new Senior Pastor! It was a special day seeing so many old faces and being a part of so much history! Farah and I even got a shout out in Frank’s mini-sermon!

Steve and I got home Sunday around the same time and let just say, its’ now Friday October 12th, and we’re still tired!!!

This weekend is busy too as we have a luncheon with family tomorrow, dinner with friends tomorrow and Sunday Steve’s’ aunt and uncle’s 50th Anniversary party!

However, I have saved the best news for last…a gift, if you will, to those who actually read the whole post!

My parent’s I-130’s got APPROVED!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!

Just a few more steps until it’s final!


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