Monday, October 29, 2007

Perspective (From a Friend in Zimbabwe)

As I’m sure most people know, Zimbabwe is a country that is literally falling apart at the seams. I read about the devastation weekly either online or through forwarded emails from friends and relatives. It breaks my heart each time I read about the desperation, not quite able to comprehend it, but I have to be honest with you, nothing has come close yet to breaking my heart like this did.

A brief background for you: my dad was the Senior Pastor at a pretty big church in Harare. His Associate Pastor, Joe was my dad’s right hand man, his best friend and a true man of God. My sister & I babysat his 2 adorable little boys, and his wife and my mom were also very close. Needless to say they were a really big part of our growing up years in Zim. They also moved into the first house I lived in, and actually still live there. When we immigrated to South Africa, Joe became the Senior Pastor and has been there since, doing a wonderful job! He is a brilliant man, who can quote ENTIRE books of the bible. He walks the talk!

Fast forward to present…Joe is spending a week with my parents in Cape Town on a mini sabbatical. My parents said that he is as thin as a rake. He shared w/ them how finding food is a daily struggle. He even offered to do house hold chores this week to make a little extra money. This is so much “closer to home” & it really hit me hard, as these are hard working people, living in the CAPITAL city, in a house, not able to eat. It made me appreciate every mouth full I’ve had since! My sister’s family, Steve’s cousins and Steve and I decided that we’d pool together & send over some money to at least “help” Joe feed his family. He is doing the Lord’s work and feels that he is called to minister especially in this time of need. And in this time of need, he still sees the Lord's hand at work, and continues with a joyful attitude. If anyone else feels led to help support Joe, please contact me at If nothing else, please keep his family in your prayers. Those too are greatly appreciated.

Joe is going to research the best way to convert American dollars into Zim dollars as the government has it’s own conversion rate, so that they make more and Zim public make less. South African Rand can be used as payment in Zim too, which is helpful.

Current Exchange Rate:
US$10.00 = Z$306,000.00
US$10.00 = SAR 65.00

Thank you for your prayers for a dear friend of ours.


Blogger Lorraine said...

This is very sad. The pastors and preachers of churches in Zimbabwe are really feeling the pinch. Many of our preacher friends have found themselves living below the poverty line. It's just too awful. They really do need financial support from outside their borders. We are supporting 2 rural preachers in Zimbabwe - a few British £ goes a very long way in Zim. So much to pray for !!

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