Monday, November 12, 2007

Matchbox 20

If you read the post regarding Steve's trip w/ Jim to Maui a few months ago, you'll remember that Jim's wife Rachel was unable to go on that trip because she was starting Law School. Well, our wonderful husbands wanted to make up for it somehow. Since Rach and I share a HUGE love of Matchbox 20 & Rob Thomas, when the commercials started on air for their concert, Steve and Jim got on it!! They thought that would be a great way to make up for their lounging poolside at the Four Season's Maui. Instead of poolside, we got to lounge at the Wiltern. Rach and I knew it would be a great concert, I mean, how can you go wrong with Rob Thomas. However, it wasn't was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had the best time ever! Marie Digby opened, followed by Ozzomatli, both were really good! Since it was standing room, we had an "ok" view near the bar tables. We thought since we were a little higher up & could see better, we'd stay there, even though it was futher away. We figuered this would work...UNTIL Matchbox came on! Then we realized this would NOT do, we just HAD to go closer. We weaseled our way through, Rach leading the way. We tried to sneak in really close, only to be shoved right back out into the aisle! As neither of us are very agressive, we settled for the next section. 2 songs into it, a lady about 3 rows in front of us (who was w/ her huasband- right against the wall ledge) grabbed Rach's arm and pulled her right up to the wall. Rach grabbed my arm and we switched w/ the Lady and her husband, who were leaving. We had a PERFCT view of the stage and felt SOOOOO close to it! We both sung our lungs out.
We had the best time, and long story short, Rach and I have given Jim and Steve permission to go to Hawaii ANYTIME, as long as we get to see Matchbox 20!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if anyone out there knows of an up and coming concert, let me know! Even if we have to fly there!!!


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