Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Au Revoir Dear Friend!


Our good freind Katie left on Sunday to move back to Indiana. We had the honor of spending Friday evening with her. It was a chance for us to say good-bye, as well as our doggies to play one last time! It was a tearful evening, as we have become very close, and good-byes are never easy! But I'll use Au Revoir instead, "till we meet again", I like that better! I know we will see her in July and maybe some day in Indiana, and we have email, blogs and cell phones, but it just won't be the same. It's so neat looking to see how, who and when the Lord brings people into your life. We had had Domino for a few months when we started taking her down to the school field. One day, a girl was there with her cute Golden Retriever/Lab mix. We started a conversation and I could tell there was something about her. Before long, our conversation turned to working at camps, actually, Christian Camps! I knew it!! you know how you can tell someone is a believer!! We started to meet at the field more often and before long, started to hang out. The beginning of this year was so fun as Katie and I would go walking for an hour every evening with the dogs, through Nellie Gale, a very fancy neighborhood! We would have so much fun, walking and talking and catching our breath. Those were certainly memorable days! It got to hot in the summer and then life got busy so we didn't get to do that as much as we used to, but I will treasure those times. Thats when we really had good conversations and when we really got to know eachother well! She also would join our family (Steve's family and my sister's family) for any b-day, or other special holiday, or just Thursday dinner at the Garrods and became a member of our family!!! She even acted as my intepreter on a few occasions, when I was apparently hard to understand!! haha! "DO you have a Christmas Stocking Hanger?", it's not that hard...but the poor guy at World market was very confused, "whats a hang-AHHH?" Of course, that makes me more nervous and the accent gets stronger, so I just turned to Katie and gave the look of, PLEASE translate!!!
Anyway, there are so many stories, and so many memories. We will miss her smiles, her laughter and our times together!!! Here's wishing you a good time being back home and thanks for the memories Katie!!
We love you!!
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