Monday, January 22, 2007

Who's a Citizen?

Oh, thats right! It's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am now officially an American Citizen, or an African American! Ha ha! I was sworn in on Firday the 19th and I have my fancy certificate to show for all the hard work! 5 years in the making and LOTS of time and money later... feels wonderful! I'm applying for my passport at lunch! WOo-HOO!!!!!!!!
This is a pic of my new South African freind I sat next to during the ceremony! How random is THAT!!! We were possible the only 2 from there, among 900 other people being sworn in! Of course, one with my husband, and one with my certificate!
Thank you to everyone for all you love, support and prayers! It totally paid off!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Photo's from 2006 - Part A

The Black and White Triplets

Our freinds dear little boy, Jakob!

Kaela and her Aunty at the Rose Parade

Steve and I on our DREAM couch..."The Lancaster", at Restoration Hardware!

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Favorite Photo's from 2006 - Part B

I'm going to take Cate's lead and post some favorite shots from 2006! At least, the favorites from my work computer! I'm sorry I have been such a Bad Blogger, but I just don't have as much time to post anymore! Maybe that will be a New Year's Resolution for me...more posts!

My Sister and I at Disneyland!

with the girls...

My wonderful hubby at a freinds wedding

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