Friday, June 29, 2007


Ain't she pretty!
(and she knows it!)
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Friday, June 22, 2007

Foot in Mouth Disease

Being a thoughtful, caring person has its downside. It sometimes means putting your foot in your mouth, when all you were trying to do was help, be concerned, or sometimes just make conversation.
Here is an example of a few of these in the last couple of months.

Background – my work does Casual Friday. We don’t need to be reminded, we all jump at the chance to wear jeans and flip-flops.
So my colleague walks in wearing a stunning skirt and blouse. I say “my, aren’t we fancy for a Friday”. She says, “I’m going to a funeral”. Nice!

It’s the Friday before Mother’s day. I ask my friend at work, who is a mom w/ adult children, “So, any big plans this weekend?” She says ‘I don’t want to talk about it”, and wells up! Again, Nice!

It’s the Monday after Father’s Day, I ask one of our older Superintendent’s “Did you have a nice Father’s Day”, he say’s ‘I’m not a Father!” Ok Sharon…did you not learn your lesson on mother’s day!

Today, (Casual Friday) a colleague comes in all decked out it suit and tie (usually Friday for him means a USC t-shirt) So I say, “Hi, are you going to a meeting?”, NOPE! “A funeral”!

I am noticing a pattern here by the way…

Note to self: don’t comment on people’s choice of attire…EVER!

Then a lady in my office tells us her daughter just had her second child, a little boy. They had narrowed it down to 3 names…Zach, Wyatt and lets say Cole, cause I forgot the other one. I went through each of them, and when I got to Wyatt, said, “Hum, I don’t know about that”…. So, which one is it? Yip – Wyatt! I should have not said that afterwards, they obviously had narrowed it down to 3 they liked! I’m such a dork!

And thankfully, my brain has decided to erase the myriad of other examples, so this is all you get for now!

With that said, have a Happy Weekend!

PS: Not 1/2 hr after posting this, the Older Superintendent in the office who is NOT a father, started a conversation with me about a homeowner who is also from Africa. I said that I've learnt to not always say where I'm from, as people who are from similiar places expect to have an instant bond with me, or expect special treatment (this is from experience-I'm not making it up), I said, especially since I'm originally from Zimbabwe...So, the older Super says, "Well, at LEAST you're not from South Africa!"
Hahahaha...and I said, well, actually, I am as well!
HA! So now we're even!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I’m a “phase” person. I go through phases where I like eggs, and then I don’t, or I like certain meat and then I don’t. I also go through a CD phase and then a radio phase. When I do listen to the radio, I listen to Kiss FM in the morning with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen Kay, whom I think are great! I often hear people call in and win fantastic prizes, like a family 4-pack to Disneyland! How perfect would that be if I won, so Steve and I could spoil our nieces for a fun-filled day! So, I have Kiss FM on my speed dial, just in case! I have actually gotten through twice and each time I’ve heard “caller number 102” my phone has dropped the call…thanks to Cingular’s terrific service. So I’ve tried and tried and ever since the dropped calls, I get a busy signal, or an “all circuits busy”. Well, I’m in my radio phase again, and I thought, “Maybe if I time this right, I’ll get through”. SO, on my way to work yesterday, before Ellen says, “call in to win blah blah blah”, I hit dial. The next thing I know a girl answers with “KIIS FM”, so, as calmly as possible, I say I’m calling about the tickets. (Knowing full well, I actually haven’t a clue as to WHICH tickets…) So, the girl asks, “Which tickets”, and I say, “oh, you know, the tickets”…to which she replies “something (cut out) Yankee”. “Great” I think, Yankees Baseball tickets. Next thing I know I’m giving her my full name, my city and birthday. Before I know it, the “hold” music I’m listening to is actually what’s playing on KIIS, and then Ryan Seacrest says’ CONGRATULATIONS to Sharon Hughes from Laguna Niguel”…AAAAAAAHHHHH! You just won some “Daddy Yankee” tickets. I say “oh, Hi Ryan, Hi Ellen…I just love you guys! Thanks sooooooooooooo much, I’m so excited”
Not knowing what or who on earth Daddy Yankee is…
So then Ryan says “Sharon…you know I love you” (Like he always says to callers) and I say, “I love you guys too”. Next thing I hear footsteps and it’s David Hasselhoff entering the studio and I swear I was still on the air and if I’d been gutsy enough I would have said “Hi”!
Well, I was so excited, but a bit mortified at not knowing exactly what I’d won, especially after sounding so excited for them, so when I got to work I shared my story and one of the girls googled Daddy Yankee, only to find out that it’s a Mexican Rap group, which is TOTALLY up my alley!!! Not! We could not stop laughing about my luck; I get through, and then win these crazy tickets! Needless to say we won’t be going, but I certainly learnt my lesson. Don’t call unless you know what you’re calling for!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Slip Sailing on Father's Day!

These are some more pictures from father's Day! We didn't end up having time to actually sail, so we just slip sailed instead...and we also took silly pictures! Let me rephrase...I took silly pictures!!

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Sailing Beauties

Here are some pictures from Father's Day! We did cordinate the white pants, in case you were wondering. It started when the last time we went sailing, Katie, Mom H and Ruth were ALL in white pant, and! I don't own white pants, my pear shape is not condusive to them, BUT I thought it looked so good on the sail boat I just had to buy some so I could fit in!!! So, thats what this is! They are only for sailing!!
Also, Katie, Ruth and I have rainbow sandals and Oakley sunglasses...quite a fun little sailing outfit!

Katie took these 2 pictures of my nieces...precious!
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Childhood Magic

I can’t begin to tell you just how cute my little nieces are. They make me miss childhood! Don’t get me wrong, I’m very content with my blessed life and I would not ever want to repeat some things, like high school, BUT I miss the magic and the innocence. My sister and I were so blessed to have such a unique upbringing. I say “unique”, knowing that everyone is unique and hence their childhood is too. But compared to fellow Americans (how cool is it that I can say that now) growing up in Zimbabwe, moving to South Africa, having parents in the Ministry etc is rather unique. A fun fact about me is that the first night I ever slept through as a baby was in an underground bomb shelter during a mortar attack! However, having said all that, growing up in Zimbabwe was truly magical. Of course we didn’t know any different, but it still was. I say that because life was so simple. As far as reminiscing about childhood goes, I often have more in common with Steve’s’ parents than I do him!! We were given a TV when I was 10, so I grew up reading books and playing with the fairies in the backyard. My sister and I would play games in the summer holidays and we both had such creative imaginations, which were cultivated through the simplicity of our life in Zim. This brings me back to the innocence and awe in my little nieces. We went on an action packed day trip around LA on Sunday (you can read my sisters blog to see pictures and hear all about it). While we were in Hollywood, we stopped at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. As you know there are bunches of movie character impersonators that stand out front, and you can pose with them and have your pictures taken. The catch is that you have to tip them if you want a picture. Well, Kaela (4) was just so enamored with all these characters; she kept running up to them with such confidence, grabbing their hand and posing. It was truly the funniest thing to watch. Kevin kept forking over these one-dollar bills, and finally just swooped her up in his arms to carry her before the ones were gone. As I was watching this, 2 things struck me. Besides how funny this was of course, it was amazing to see how much she has grown in her confidence since arriving here 7 months ago. On day 4 in the states we went to Disneyland and good ol’ Winnie the Pooh, scared her half to death. And here she was grabbing his hand with not a care in the world! And that was the other part that struck me! Just how carefree she was. For all she knew, she really was holding Winnie the Pooh’s hand and having the best time doing it. That’s the kind of childhood magic I miss!!

Childhood Magic Pictures

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