Saturday, January 05, 2008

Becca's B-day Party & Cake

Since my sister moved here, I have taken over the "cake making" roll until my mom gets here! She is SOOOOO much better at it than I am, but I enjoy doing it, especially as the girls just LOVE their cakes! And it's something I didn't get to do for them when they lived in SOuth Africa! Last year I did a horse for Becca and a bunny for Kaela. Those were their requests. This year for Becca's b-day, she wanted a soccer ball! She doesn't even play soccer! So, we decided that if she hadn't come up with something else(aka, something more special for HER), I would surprise her with a fun cake! Since she takes Irish Dance and has won a few awards in the most recent competitions, I thought I would do an Irish Dance Dress. They happen to be the most extravagant dresses, that cost thousands of dollars. So, this is the best I could come up with! I will have to say it is so much harder than it seems. I used marzipan as I thought I had to with Royal Icing, and that in and of itself was challenging. However, she loved it, and thats what counts!! The kids didn't care, it was vanilla cake, it goes down the same! Anyway, here are a fraction of the friends she's made. These are actually just the neighbor kids they both play with, since she opted for a day at Disneyland instead of a huge party! i'm so proud of them ALL! they have fit into Southern California superbly!


Blogger The Garrods said...

And if I may say so, you do a brilliant job with the cakes - THANK YOU!!!

3:21 PM  

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