Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Dinner

We spend CHristmas Dinner in Arcadia, with Steve's dads side of the family! It is also really fun and they are a wonderful family too. The first picture is of Christine and I in our "matching" outfits! What is it w/ this family and matching! haha! Then the girls learning to play Mario! Kaela (little one) looks like I do when playing video games!! Becca is WAY more into it! Christine was kindly helping Becca with her new Christmas gift! The girls either got clothes or educational gifts this year! ANd then, my sister and Steve's sister!! I was feeling pretty blah by the time dinner rolled around, so I sat in my little corner, trying not to cough on people, or blow my nose to close to them! SUCH a bummer too as I took the 3 days after Christmas off, totaling 11 days of vacation, which i spent sick! was another wonderful Christmas with loved ones, so who can complain about a little cold?


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