Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent a wonderful Christmas Eve with Steve's Mom's side of the family. They are Swedish, so Christmas Eve is a big deal! Traditions are very important in this family, and I just love it! However, this was the first time in about 40 years or so, that Steve's Mom and Dad hosted it. It's usually at his aunt and uncles house. Christmas Eve is when I first met this side of the family. Steve and I had been dating for 3 mths, and were leaving the next day to fly out to South Africa to surprise my folks. I knew he was the one proir to Christmas Eve ( trust me...I would NOT be fyling half way around the world w/ a guy, if I didn't think it was for ever!)but, after meeting his extended family, I REALLY knew this was it. They were so loving, warm and wonderful! Actually, his aunt and uncle went home that night and said to eachother, " I think we just met a new member to this family!" That was 8 Christmases ago, and they are MY family now too! They have extended their love and warmth to my sister and her family too. We had a wonderful time together and have started a few more traditions, wierd ones to say the least! Including swapping "rat" stories! His aunt and uncle even got me a little stuffed rat from Disneys Ratatouille! I'll have to find a picture to post of it!
Here's to and old!


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