Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Morning

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Blogger katie holt said...

you guys crack me up with how much you all accidentally match! i love it! it's a good thing i wasn't there for christmas, i would have shown up wearing a green tank top and white pants like when we were sailing!

i miss you guys horribly. i keep meaning to call and i feel like a heel for not calling more often. and i know this is not an excuse at all but i have NOTHING going on in my life, isn't that sad? anyway, i'm going to call you soon, i just have to remember to call when it's 8 or later here so i know you're home.

i love you both!

i think that we should have a long distance contest for our dogs like you and steve do with debbie and eric. halloween costumes. hear me out on this. i figured out that cali is going to go as domino! i'm going to spray her white with black spots. i'm so excited about this!!

i miss you!

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