Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas with the Smiths

Friday night we spent Christmas with the Smiths, at my sister's house. It was good as always to see them. The girls always play really well together and it's cute to watch! I forgot to mention on the Christmas Eve post that Steve made the turkey! He borrowed a deep fryer from work. I had never had one like that before, and it was delicious!! It's funny though as those that know me, will know that i am VERy squeamish! Steve began explaining that he had to get a HUGE syringe, as he had to "inject" the turkey with the seasonings. that almost finished me, the thought of it almost made me ill. He however, decided to be "PC" for me and changed his way of describing it to "marinade from within!" (Thank you STeve!!)
Long story shortm, the turkey was a HIT! EVeryone said it was the best turkey that they had ever had! And it was! He made another one for Christmas with the Smiths, and apart from lifting it out the thawing pan to place in the fryer, while blood, literally came GUSHING out across the counter and on the floor, it too was delicious! (of course, AFTER it had cooked)


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