Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Update!

Instead of photos, I thought I’d update you on the goings on in the Hughes Household. Steve & I both started the New Year sick, but I’m happy to announce that we’re healthy again and have had a great January so far! We have a dinner Friday night with the old “young married’s” Bible Study we used to attend. It will be fun to see everyone all together again. We have our monthly family get-together with my sister’s family and the Smiths on Saturday! We’re having a High Tea at our place, which will be fun!
My friend Cate is continuing her monthly Sew-What classes this year, which I’m very excited about. I went last Saturday and started on my miracle dress, as well as mended a few things. Let me tell you about this dress…my mom-in-law and I were at the mall and we decided to just “window shop”. The one store that I LOVE, but have never bought anything from because it’s so expensive is Daisy Shoppe. I saw this STUNNING red dress that I just HAD to try on for fun! It was $100.00, but as I took it off the rack, I saw on the back of the tag “Zip Broken - $14.99”
WOW!!! So, I tried it on and fell in love! Mom and I agreed that it was fixable, if not by us, certainly by Cate! haha! I am so excited as I couldn’t have bought the fabric for that much!

On to other news, my folk’s immigration process is going well. It’s just a lot of work, which will obviously be absolutely worth it in the end. I am using the attorney who processed my citizenship, and she is great. We are just waiting on some paperwork to come through and then the last phase will begin. It gets confusing, but my folks have to submit a request for police clearance in every country they have lived since they were 16. They already have Zimbabwe Police Clearance from when we immigrated, but it needs to be 6 months old, not 16 years! However, the thought of sending American Dollars into Zim is a horrifying thought, as the mail gets opened and people just take what they want. True Story! My sister has received a half eaten chocolate cake sent from a friend in Germany, and my cousin opened his suitcase upon returning back to NJ and all the EMPTY wrappers of candy were strewn across his clothes!! If a miracle happens and the money makes it through to the police station, some government official is bound to just pocket it. Especially as in the news today, Zimbabwe is facing 150,000% inflation!!!!! Anyway, they will have a better time obtaining their SA Police Clearance. We still have to receive the forms from my attorney, which my folks & us need to sign. I will have to mail those to my folks, which they will return along with their original birth certificates (scary) and original marriage certificate, and police clearance from SA and possibly Zim. Steve is amazing, and through a contact has set up a UPS driver in Cape Town to pick up the documents, as we can’t afford for them to get lost in the regular mail. My folks just have to call when the package is ready. We should then receive it in 3 business days. I then have to send it off to my attorney who then sends it off to the National Visa Center. They process the paperwork and send me a confirmation letter, and my folks package with the interview date and instructions for the interview and their medical exam. Since my folks are coming the AIDS Capital of the world, the medical exam includes an HIV test! The NVC then sends the original documents (i.e. birth certificates) to the US Embassy in Johannesburg, and then my folks have to show up for the interview and BAM! – They get a stamp in their passport and have 4 months to get here!!!
Please keep this process in your prayers!

In other news, Steve’s folks, my sister’s family and us are going to Mammoth the 2nd weekend in Feb! We are all very excited, as my sister’s family has not really been in snow! They “experienced” a bit of it in Palm Springs on the cable car ride, but 2 feet doesn’t count!! Also, we are going on Sun- Tue, so it shouldn’t be too crowded. I will snowboard again and hopefully will improve a little bit more! I definitely enjoy it 100% better than skiing! It will be Steve’s first time snowboarding since he broke his foot, so I’m not sure about the double black diamonds…we’ll see!!
On Sunday we went to Steve’s’ aunt’s 100th Birthday party! It was such a great time. She pretty much has all her faculties and is amazing. She gave the most moving speech, and said that she came to know the Lord at the age of 5yrs old, and has walked with Him the whole way! It was beautiful and we all enjoyed it!

Well, that’s it for now! I hope everyone has enjoyed 2008 so far!


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I just saw your comment on my blog! That is so hilarious! Can you even believe how crazy the blogosphere is! I love that you are my blog friend! Someday when we meet I will be giving you a huge hug. :o)

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