Monday, January 07, 2008

South Africa Photos

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I thought it would be fun to post these random photos from our last trip to SA ( and thought it would be a good test to see if blogger is uploading pictures again)
So, of course it's working, now that it's random photos! haha
Anyway, the elephants were from our Safari at Kruger National Park. The mom was half way across the road when we saw the bushes moving to the left of us. The next thing the smallest baby elephant I have ever seen peeked out. It was so scared to cross the street that the mom came back and with her trunk, ushered him across the street! It was amazing! The photo of Steve and I is at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. It's my fav. place to go for a night out: fun shops, good food, amazing people watching ( and guessing accents)! The next one is me petting a cheetah at a rehabilitation facility. They give you all these rules you have to abide by, before they let you in. Approach from behind, don't make eye contact, crouch down etc. I have to say, as weird as it sounds, I enjoyed the sensation of holding the baby crocodile in Zimbabwe better, than I did petting the cheetah! His fur was so prickly and rough and not what i expected! The croc was fun as it was squishy and cold. I I said, wierd! haha!
Then Steves turn and boy did he get jipped with me taking photos! I could get the jolly camera to focus so we don't have the greatest shots of him petting the cheetahs!
Oh well, thought it would be a fun little trip down memory lane. One day i'll try and repost the pictures from Christmas!!!


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