Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Wonderful Time

We got back from Mammoth last night, after a wonderful time at the snow with family! As I mentioned, my sister Ruth, her husband Kevin and the girls (Becca and Kaela) got to experience their first REAL snow! It was such a joy watching them. Not only how in awe they were of how beautiful it was, but also how HUGE the mountain ranges are! (see Ruth's blog for more on their time!)

We had a good trip there, and since it was Sunday, there was no traffic. We all went to Angels for dinner the first night and came home and had an early night. The morning was crazy, which is typical for the first day, as everyone is trying to make sure they have the right gloves, or their long-johns on, and the best jacket for the temperature etc! We finally headed off to Canyon Lodge and set off! My first run of the day was chair 17, the beginner one (of course!) For those who don't know, i had 4 VERY traumatic tries at Skiing, which ended in me not wanting to EVER step foot on a slope again in my entire life! Since then and before this time, I had 2 far more enjoyable times snowboarding. However, it's been a process as I've had to build my confidence back up! This time, however was AWESOME!!!!!!!! After doing chair 17 twice, we met at Mid-Chalet for lunch. Then all 9 of us took the Gondola up to the VERY top of the mountain. (11,000 + ft).
We took pictures there, and then only the crazies (Steve, his dad and sister CHristine) snowbaorded/skiied down from there. Steve's mom and I got off at mid-chalet to meet them and proceeded to go down and around the mountain - which was 2 BLUE runs! I was so proud of myself!!

Ruth, Kev and the girls continued down to the bottom and headed back to the cabin to make a snowman and go sledding.

My the end of the last run, my legs were about to fall off, and besides that, my big toe felt like it had frost bite! Partly from how tightly my shoes and bindings were, and partly because of the cold! The weather was just perfect though for being outside, blue skies and sunshine!

I can't wait to go up again sometime as I want to get better at it, so I can do those runs again and again!!

Enjoy the pictures below from the trip!!

So, do you ski or snowboard and do you LOVE it or HATE it?


Blogger The Garrods said...

Thanks for a fab time we so enjoyed our time away in the snow!!

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