Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kaela's Cake


My youngest niece turned 5 today! We had a b-day party for her on Saturday, at the Laguna Niguel Park. Since my mom is not here yet, my job has become Cake Maker. Thankfully this is the last b-day before hopefully my mom will arrive, as I could REALLY use her help! Kaela called me a few weeks ago to let me know what she wanted. A "Dora' Cake. Noah? I asked, thinking they must have just learnt about him in Sunday School. No! DORA!!!, NOAH???, NOOOOOOOOOO DOOORRRRAAAA!!! Yeah, I can HEAR you, i just don't UNDERSTAND you!!! haha! Ruth wondered who on earth she was yelling at! She thought I must be deaf! Anyway, I thought, easy enough! I googled Dora Cake and came up with a great simple design. However, it helps when you have the right tools! The icing pens were gel and started to run all over Dora's face. Her eyes were droopy, her mouth like a Picassa! I then thought that the eye white should be different to the face white, so used a little yellow. Dora suddenly became Evil Dora w/ Jaundice!!! At my wits end, I called Steve at 11:55PM on Friday night (he was on a guys snowboarding trip) and woke him up! For the first time in our lives, he was asleep before i was! He was very comforting, and said to go and buy some more supplies! No thanks! I'm off to bed! it's midnight!!!!
So, at 7:30am I did get up and went to the store to get the supplies needed to give Evil Dora a face lift!! Well, I will say that the surgery was sucessful! This is not by any means, my finest peice of work, but it delighted my little niece and was worth very minute!!
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Blogger Cynda said...

Sharon~ You are such an amazing artist. I really think that one day, you will be using your talents as a little side job.....cakes, murals, paintings...you name it! I know your mom is very proud to have you step up to "her plate".

2:21 PM  
Blogger The Garrods said...

Ok so you think that was your last time??!! Well hopefully you and mom will be able to do that kind of stuff together! Thanks again, you know it made Kaela's day!!

5:55 AM  
Blogger Cate said...

evil dora with jaundice!!!! i'm cracking up right now!!! i wanna see that one. i want evil dora with jaundice cake for my birthday!! maybe you could icing in a tongue piercing!! (my birthday's in august!)

9:43 PM  

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