Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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A few Fridays ago, Steve’s Mom (or Mom H) and I went to hear Michael Franzese at our church. Steve and his dad were on an annual men’s ski-trip, so unfortunately were unable to join us, as I’m sure they would have loved it. I’ve always thought the mob was such a fascinating way of life, granted an awful way, but fascinating nonetheless. For those who don’t know, Michael Franzese was a high up in the Colombo Crime Family, one of the 5 major families in the New York La Cosa Nostra. At one point, he was making 6-10 million dollars in cash A WEEK! He was known as the ‘Yuppie Don”, and over his 15 years in the mob, made well over 300 Million. Long story short, in the 1980’s, he met a young girl from Anaheim who he fell in love with & married. She was a believer and through MANY trials and tribulations, he finally left his life of crime, and now speaks around the country at churches, colleges, Pro sports event, etc. It was fascinating hearing him talk, seeing him live, knowing that he is the first higher up mobster to walk away from that life of crime and still be alive to tell the world about it. His dad is still in prison, at 92 and is scheduled for release next year. He said that the 5 other guys who took their oath along with him, are all dead, and not of natural causes!
He’s written a few books, but the one they were selling Friday night is called Blood Covenant. Mom H and I headed to the dessert straight after the talk, as we were starving, and sadly, by the time we got to the bookstore they were all sold out! We were so bummed as Michael was signing them afterwards. Anyway, I decided to look online at Amazon and found one in good condition for $5.00, instead of $21.00! What a deal! It arrived yesterday…and you’ll never believe it! It’s signed!!!!!!!!!!! It says “Dear Betty”, but who cares!!!!! I just started reading it and it’s very interesting!

On to other news, my folk’s paperwork arrived in CA safe and sound, Praise the Lord!! That includes original birth certificates, original marriage certificate, police clearance etc. We should be submitting it by the end of this week, or beginning of next week.

On Saturday, I got to have a thoroughly enjoyable day! NOT! I was in traffic school. Actually, it probably wouldn’t have been as awful as it was, if I had not been coming down with sinus. I was congested the whole day, with no medication, and my ears were blocked and our instructor (retired cop) had a very thick accent, I had to concentrate SO hard to understand him. I could have fallen asleep several times, but was not willing to get kicked out, which 2 unfortunate teenagers were. I must say, the girl was just asking for it, and I knew it was just a matter of time until she was!

On Friday we leave for Mammoth with 2 other couples. We are all SUPER excited, as it will be a great time to hang out and get to know each other even better. We’re all snowboarding and I’m attempting to carve this time. We’ll see! Watch this space!
I just hope this sinus congestion goes away by then!

My good friend at work is retiring and moving to Apple Valley! I’m soooooooo bummed! She’s my shoulder to cry on, my support and just such a wonderful freind. I don’t like that kind of change! However, I’m going to be doing a horse painting for her, as she LOVES horses, and when I’m done, I’ll post a picture!

I think that’s all for now folks, I’ll love and leave you, as I need to pack up my things and go home and hop straight into bed!!


Blogger katie holt said...

that speaker sounds fascinating! that's so amazing to think that lifestyle still exists.

thank you so much for my birthday card! i LOVE it! it's so cute! my mom was truly amazed by the card, it was so funny!

congrats on your parents papers too! i was explaining to someone the other day how UPS wasn't even secure there and they didn't believe me.

here's a random connection i just made. my dads dad was fairly well off. and he gave my mom, my sister and i these gold coins -mounted as necklaces- that i always thought were a bit much as jewelry. so i just asked my mom to see it and turns out its a south african kruggerand! i thought that was so cool! who would have guessed!! (and why would you wear that as a necklace? it's like a sign that says 'rob me!' "

i hope you are feeling better soon!
i love you a miss you horribly!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Cate said...

i'm so excited. i'll be sewing with b.j. before the year's up!

great update. thanks. that speaker sounds awesome!

11:31 PM  

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