Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I want to go back!


In fact, I’m looking into the possibilities! We had such a fantastic time up at Mammoth. The 6 of us were in stitches constantly. The drive up was beautiful and so much fun. We barely stopped for breath we were all talking so much. Becca and I spent almost 4 hours sharing “our” stories, on how we met, how our men proposed etc. When we did stop for breath, the guys had been talking about who knows what, when Alex asks Steve, “So, where did you guys meet?”
Steve replied “At Forest Home”
Alex ‘Cool”
Steve “What about you?”
Alex “Woodbridge Ski Trip”
Steve ‘Cool”
THEE END!!!!!!!!!!!
It was hilarious, guys and girls are so different!

Anyway, we met up with Jim and Rach at Schatts Bakery in Bishop and caravanned into Mammoth together. It was snowing when we got there and was just so spectacular. We stopped at the store to get some food and then headed to our cabin. We got ready for dinner and then left to eat at Angels. It was quite a wait so we stopped at the Board shop so Steve could have his snowboard waxed, Alex and Jim both had to get gear too. After a yummy dinner we headed back to the cabin. The guys started Black Hawk Down while the girls got ready for bed. The guys did not last long, as no more than 30 minutes into the movie they decided to call it a night. We were up bright and early, excited to hit the slopes. The weather was beautiful as it was constantly snowing, dropping off fresh powder. It was a bit of a late start once we actually got to the mountain, but we hit the slopes and all had a great time. I just LOVED snowboarding even more this time, and went down my run nine times. I would have done more if a) the mountain wasn’t about to close and b) I had remembered to meet Steve at 3:30, not 3 (my bad) to go with him on a longer run. (long story…miscommunication, totally my bad!!! Haha) That’s partly why I want to go again as he and I didn’t get to do as many together. But, at the end of the day, we just had such a great time!! We got back to cabin and the girls relaxed near the fire, reading our magazines, while the guys finished their manly war movie. When we got up to get dinner ready, the guys took over our super comfy spots. Those photos are just so hysterical!! They were having such a blast, reading from the magazines, it was hilarious!! After lasagna and salad, we played several rounds of Balderdash, which was also pretty funny. We had birthday cake for dessert for Becca’s b-day and ice-cream, which was a prefect way to end the evening. We hit the hay, and decided to play it by ear in the morning, whether the guys would go on the mountain again. We woke up to the most peaceful snowfall, just flittering down. Since the powder was obviously super fresh, the guys decided they could NOT pass up the opportunity to go again. We all agreed, make the most of it while you can! Rach needed to study, so she did that, while Becca and I watched Never Been Kissed, such a funny movie! ‘I HAVE NO WORDS!!” haha-love that! After that we to put our snow gear on, and decided to brave the cold and walk to the village and take the gondola to the lodge and back. It was so pretty outside, albeit freezing and pretty slick. We almost ate it a few times, which only made it funnier!! We grabbed some starbucks and enjoyed the scenic gondola ride over the trees! We made it back and started to clean up when the guys walked in. They had SUCH a blast! Steve described the one moment he had, turning a bend through the trees, where the snow was so high and fluffy, it looked like a wave he was surfing! I WISH I could have seen that!!! After eating leftover lasagna for lunch, we packed up the cars and headed on our way home. We stopped at Convict Lake (see pictures below), which was just stunning. Seeing the little fox coming to get a drink in the stream was such a treat! He was so handsome! It ended up being a pretty late night by the time we got home, but it was worth EVERY Second!!!!!

Did I mention that I want to go back…


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