Friday, March 28, 2008

Pray for Zimbabwe

Please pray for Zimbabwe & it's people, as tomorrow is their Election Day, and in the past, the votes have been rigged and there has been so much violence. The least these people deserve is a fair and safe election! Mugabe has been in power for 28yrs now, and has sent this country into ruin, with millions homeless, jobless without food and without the basic necessities in life.

On a very personal note, please pray for our dear friends, Rev. Joe and his wife and their 2 boys. He was my dad's assistant pastor, until we moved to SA and then he became the Sr. Pastor. I babysat his boys, and his family is amazing, doing the Lords work. I would never ask people to help out financially, unless i REALLY felt it was important. He's said that getting food on the table is a daily struggle. Here is a snippet of his last email, even though times are TOUGH, their faith is unfaltering.

The work at Holy Trinity church is going strong. The Sunday school is a great
encouragement to us. Items for prayer: The elections on the 29th of March 2008.The vestry meeting for the church on the 13th of April 2008. My great appreciation for your willingness to want to assist us financially. If you can assist us on a monthly or bimonthly basis as the good Lord leads and enables, you will be a great windfall in our life as a family. We are not sure how things will turn out after elections. I'll keep you posted.

Steve and I are committing to help them as much as we can. If you or anyone you know would like to help, PLEASE let me know!

Thank you for your prayers!!!


Blogger Cate said...

any news on how the election went? i'd really super love it if you told me Mugs is out but i'm not holding my breath.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Flame Lilly said...

Me neither...not till he's GONE GONE GONE, will i believe a WORD!!!!!!!!!

6:48 PM  
Blogger amberWIRE said...

tag - you're it!

2:43 PM  

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