Monday, May 19, 2008

Kingsburg Swedish Festival 2008


Herewith some photos from our day!! All I can say is that it was HOT and LONG! It was still fun, but the heat took some of the joy out of the trip! The food however was delicious as usual, (except the sausages, which I don't eat) but the pancakes were SO perfect!! The Dala Horse makes them and they are a fun way to start the day at the festival. Of course, thats only at 9:30 am, and our day really starts at 5am (first picture) and doesn't quite begin until our Starbucks stop!!
Anyway, it was fun to go again and spend 9 hours in the car with Mom H! By the ride home we were recycling stories!! haha..J/K..we actually ALWAYS have something to talk about. This trip there was about 1/2 hr on what kind of sweater she wore ONE year at the festival...when it was not too hot and not too cold...all she needed was a LIGHT sweater!! Not a thick one, just a light one!!
Good times!!!!
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Anonymous Kimberly said...

So fun! You have great traditions with your mother in law.

5:00 PM  

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