Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Parents & New Home


We have been incredibly busy as well as incredible blessed this past month! It started with our home closing escrow and 3 days later my folks arriving! Steve and I kicked butt, getting our belongings moved in, so as to look like we’d lived there a while for their arrival! I took off a week of work to spend some time with my folks while they stayed with us and then they moved to my sister’s house. It’s been so WONDEFFUL having them just down the street and talking daily on the phone and seeing them all the time. We’re so thankful that they are here and can physically be a part of our day-to-day life!

We just LOVE our home too!! We’re so blessed! It so cute as Domino is also a huge fan of it! She’s not used to stairs and so by the end of the day she’s exhausted! Now she’s gotten smart and in the mornings, only goes as far as the landing, and watches me in the kitchen from there. It’s only when she sees me grab her treat that she bothers coming downstairs!

We have been busy entertaining friends & family, which has been awesome to have the space to do so! We were also woken up with SUCH a GREAT surprise last Saturday! Two of Steve’s colleagues/friends wanted to show their gratitude to him for all his hard work and also wanted to give us a house-warming gift…, which came in the form of a 53inch plasma!!!! WOW- talk about generous!!!

We also leave in just over a month for the Bahamas/Cruise with Steve’s company! We are both looking forward to having a really nice break!

That’s just a bit of an update for anyone who reads this!! Have a great rest of your week!!
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