Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In A Christmas Mood

A little Christmas quiz, I hope you'll copy and paste on your blog:

1. Getting kissed under the mistletoe or in the snow?
In the snow

2. Santa or Rudolph?
Santa (or Father Christmas for those in Southern Hemispheres)

3. Stocking or presents?
Well, they say the best things come in small packages…so, stockings!

4. Egg nog or hot cider?
I WANT to like eggnog so much, but I’m afraid it’s not happening, so hot cider…but the Starbucks kind!!

5. Angel or Star?

6. Decorating the tree or putting lights on the outside?
Decorating the tree for sure!

7. Warm fires or sleigh rides?
I’d LOVE to go on a sleigh ride, but until then, warm fires.

8. Expensive presents or presents that come from the heart?
From the heart any day over expensive!
9. Snow ball fight or snowman?
Snowman is fun, but so are snowball fights!

10. Will you be getting coal or presents?
I certainly hope presents!

11. Giving or Receiving presents?
I LOVE giving gifts, especially when I think I’ve found the ‘perfect” gift for someone!

12. Open presents quick or slow?
Depends on who’s watching!

13. Caroling or Christmas stories?
Christmas stories, but I enjoy caroling too!

14. Snowy days or icy days?
Snowy days

15. Red or Green?

16. Nightmare before Christmas or The Santa Clause?
I don’t think I’ve seen The Santa Clause, and I didn’t love the Nightmare one, so neither.

17. Dasher or Dancer?
Well, I don’t know who they are…all I know is Rudolph! Must be an American thing! haha

18. Prancer or Vixen?
same as above

19. Comet or Cupid?
same as above

20. Donner or Blitzen?
same as above

21. Fake tree or Real tree?
Real, awesome smelling, fresh cut, CHUBBY tree! The only way to go!!

22. Prime Rib or Ham?
Prime Rib

23. Red and White Candy Canes or Colorful Candy Canes?
Red and White

24. Get up early or sleep in late?
Early! Then maybe take a mid-day nap!! haha

25. Old Christmas Movies or New ones?
A bit of both! I love watching Little Women at Christmas and I enjoy The Holiday.

26. The Santa Clause 1 or The Santa Clause 2?
I’m pretty sure I hadn’t seen either!

27. The Grinch movie or Elf movie?
ELF! That is so funny!

28. Scrooge or Tiny Tim?

29. Ornaments or a Wreath?
Sparkling gold & red ornaments AND a red and green wreath!

30. Christmas Eve or Christmas day?
Christmas Day for sure!


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