Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm in love...

I know, I know…posting pictures is a lazy form of blogging! But, I have an excuse. I’ve fallen in love…with FACEBOOK! I’ve been spending all my blogging time playing on facebook instead and making contact with SO many old friends! It’s amazing how many people from my school in Zimbabwe are now my “facebook” friends, and even some from my high school in South Africa. Who knew that these people (esp. the Zimbo's) that I spent my entire childhood with, would eventually reconnect with me across the miles and decades. It’s been so awesome to see where in the world they are and how they are doing. I am officially addicted! So, sorry bloggers, but if you want more regular updates, you might need to request my friendship via facebook!!! (I'm Sharon McGuinnes Hughes)haha

However, it’s Friday afternoon and it’s slow…so what better way to reach 5pm than spending the time updating ya’ll!
Steve and I have both been exceptionally busy the last couple of months! We have had something every weekend.
For those of you who don’t know, he started a new FANTASTIC job in the spring. We are both really blessed that this opportunity came up. He is an IT Manager at a multi-billion dollar international company. He’ll get to travel soon, to one of their many offices overseas. The company also does an all expense paid trip before Christmas! This year they are renting out an entire cruise ship and we’re going out from Florida to the Bahamas and to Disney’s private island and then back again to the Grand Floridian for a couple of days! I’m SUPER excited, as I’ve never been there!! He’s also on their softball team, which is adorable and this last game, they won, with Mr. Hughes scoring the winning point/hit/run/bat…who knows!!!

Also, we heard back last week from the government that they had accepted our resubmitted paperwork regarding my folk’s lack of current Zimbabwean Police Clearance and total lack of Military Doc’s! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is huge!! There is just no way any paperwork is coming out of Zim, it’s practically on the brink of a civil war! I’m so glad that the person who received the paperwork realized that! However, Steve and I had to resubmit the affidavit of support, which if anything will delay the process a few weeks, but at least we know that HOPEFULLY everything else is good to go! With that said and done, we’re anticipating my folks to be here by the fall! Lord willing!

Next weekend, I will be celebrating my big 3-0! I’m so excited…I think birthdays are an awesome way to celebrate life and love with those around you. It's amazing to think I cam here as a little niave 18 yr old! WOW! Friday night we’re going on a double date with my sister and Kevin to the South African Restaurant, Mozambique, in Laguna Beach! Then Saturday a little trip down memory lane, to Forest Home to celebrate a friends 30th as well, and then Sunday a luncheon w/ my family! What an awesome weekend!! Then the following Thursday Rach and I get to sit 7 rows away from Matchbox Twenty & Hodges at the OC Fair! SUPER excited about that!!! If you haven’t heard Hodges, go to and listen! I really like it!

We also went to our second wedding so far this summer, which was awesome and we have a third one in a few months!

There are tons of other things going on with us, but this is just a little update for those of you who read this!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Sailing Sunday


WONDERFUL!!!!!!! (esp. since we had a dozen dolphins swim along side the boat for about 20 minutes or so! The most amazing feeling ever!!! They were so close you could almost touch them!)
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San Diego Cont...

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San Diego on Saturday!


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Water Fight at Dana Point Harbor!


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