Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I realize that it has been sometime since I gave an update on my blog. So, for those of you who aren't my Facebook friends, I apologize for the lack of communications!!

There are so many HUGE changes happening in our lives right now, that its super exciting and overwhelming all at once! Steve and I bought a house!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! We're so excited about it and DV, will be moving this weekend!! If escrow closes, of course!! It's in Laguna Niguel, and even closer to the beach! It has a yard from DomDom (and kids once day!) and even a doggie door which she fits through perfectly!

And then the BIGGEST news of all, my parents are on the plane as I type this! They will be arriving in New York, via Senegal, at 3am tomorrow California time! they'll stay with my dad's brother in New Jersey for a few days and then fly out to their new home in California!!! YEAH!! Please pray for safe travel! It's an 18hr flight with a 1-hr refuel stop in Senegal! Apparently, they aren't even allowed off the plane!!

They will hopefully stay with Steve and I for the first week (hoepfully in our new home) and then move on to Ruth's for however long they'd like!

So, between those 2 things, we've been kept VERY busy and rather stressed, while super excited as well!! We're going to need a nice vacation soon! oh, wait...thats right!! We get to go on the Disney Cruise to Nassua and Cast Away Cay, as well as stay at the Floridian and go to Disneyworld! ALL EXPENSE PAID!! Through Steve's awesome job!! Thats in December, but the way time is flying right now, might as well be tomorrow!!!