Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things...

(These are in no particular order, I wrote them down as I thought of them!! S:)

1) I am madly in love and in awe of my husband. He surprises me daily with his talents and love for me, and others.
2) I was born in Umtali, Rhodesia, which is now Mutare, Zimbabwe
3) My forefathers go back to 1820 settlers in Zimbabwe – I am a direct descendent of the Pioneers, and in my own immediate family, I consider myself the pioneer to America!
4) The first time I slept through the night as a baby, was in an underground bunker, while the city was under a mortar attack - as Rhodesia was at war at the time
5) The smell of freshly cut grass makes me feel claustrophobic
6) I however, LOVE the smell of Comet- the cleaner - wierd, I know!
7) I love frogs. I used to catch them as a child, and I still crave the feelinf of their cold clammy little bodies in the palm of my hands.
8) I’ve held a baby crocodile & I’ve ridden a camel
9) I WANT to hold a baby monkey some time in my life, preferably a chimp or orangutan with clothes on.
10) I absolutely LOVE my family and friends…I consider myself TRULY blessed with the people the Lord has placed in my life.
11) I love traveling the world with Steve; we’ve been to Mexico, Bahamas, South Africa, England, Paris & Vienna together. I can’t wait to go more places with him.
12) I love road trips, BUT I need to be comfortable: pillow, blanket, yummy snacks, restroom stops when needed, and GOOD music – I love hearing that music later on in life, and being taken RIGHT back to that trip.
13) I love swallowing big chunks of ice – it’s like a dare with myself
14) I can’t stand it when people chew with their mouth open, and smack their gum loudly
15) I’ve taken up snowboarding, knitting, sewing, AND the gym…2 of which I never dreamt I’d ever do!
16) I miss the Zimbabwean thunderstorms…there is NO smell like the rain in Zimbabwe!
17) My top spiritual gifts are Hospitality, Serving & Compassion. I inherited those from my amazing parents, who I get to witness demonstrating those daily.
18) I LOVE laughing so hard, I can’t breath– it makes me giddy and there is no better feeling.
19) I consider myself blessed in that I married my first love.
20) I am one of the few (apparently) who is blessed with the MOST amazing in-laws, not only are they my other parents, but they are my friends too, just like my parents.
21) I swallowed a blazer (jacket) brass button when I was about 8. There was a shortage of brass buttons in Zim, and I was told whatever I did, NOT to lose them…haha
22) I had malaria as a child
23) I’ve been a citizen of 3 countries, on 2 continents in my life so far. I hope I'm done!
24) I was classically trained on the piano.
25) I’m a glass is half full kind of girl.


Blogger Cate said...

"9) I WANT to hold a baby monkey some time in my life, preferably a chimp or orangutan with clothes on."

The last 3 words of this quote cracks me up!

4:39 PM  

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